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000443xREDIRECTServer queryingpublic2008-10-25 19:352008-10-30 02:57
Assigned ToxOR 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version2.6.x
Product Versionv1.0 
Target Versionv1.0.3Fixed in Versionv1.0.3 
Summary000443: Servers not listed due to recent Half-Life 1 protocol update
DescriptionAfter the most recent update of Half-Life 1 the plugin no longer works. I believe this is due to the fact that Valve has switched to another query protocol, and I quote Alfred Reynolds of Valve:

"They have flipped to using the Source engine format (documented on the Source developer wiki if you need details)."

When playing in a server the plugin only displays the server on which you are playing if you type "/server". The same goes for the automated messages.
Steps To ReproduceThis happened after the latest Half-Life 1 update.
Additional InformationI have double checked that all my serverlist.ini files are identical. I have used the following settings for quite some time now. They are listed in my "amxx.cfg".

redirect_active 1
redirect_auto 2
redirect_manual 1
redirect_follow 1
redirect_check_method 2
redirect_announce 60
redirect_announce_mode 2
redirect_announce_deadpos_x -1.0
redirect_announce_deadpos_y 0.25
redirect_show 0
redirect_adminslots 1
redirect_maxadmins 0
redirect_retry 1
redirect_hidedown 3

And this is the serverlist.ini file that I use:

[Gamelux by Clanhost.nl - DUST2 ONLY]

[Gamelux by Clanhost.nl - DUST2|DUST ONLY]

[Gamelux by Clanhost.nl - NUKE|INFERNO ONLY]

[Gamelux by Clanhost.nl - DEATHMATCH]

[Gamelux by Clanhost.nl - AIM MAPS ONLY]

I have also checked that the plugin is in fact running.

[ 31] xREDIRECT 1.0 x0R xredirect.amxx running
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parent of 000444resolvedxOR Rewrite socket code 

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User avatar (0000142)
xOR (administrator)
2008-10-26 05:19

If only the query format changed it's a task of a minute to solve the issue - if the answer packet changes I will need to recode the parsing, which will take longer.
Anyway, expect me to fix this somewhere around late evening on sunday 10/26 (I'm on UTC+1).
User avatar (0000143)
xOR (administrator)
2008-10-26 21:35
edited on: 2008-10-27 21:45

Workaround: set redirect_check_method to 1 - this will at least enable manual and automatic redirections again.

User avatar (0000144)
xOR (administrator)
2008-10-30 02:57

The code has been completely rewritten and now supports both the old and the new protocol, which fixes the server querying.

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